Isaac Jacobs is an English artisan candle manufacturer set in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines producing high quality natural wax candles with a modern urban apothecary style.


There are companies that concentrate on using soy wax, some focus on the story of the fragrance, others on a specific theme.   At Isaac jacobs however we wanted to capture much more.  Yes we use only natural waxes.  We spend months designing, creating and testing the finest fragrances and essential oil blends to ensure you get to experience the most delicious aromas with true performance in your own home.  We have chosen a designer wick to ensure not only a great and long lasting burn but an excellent fragrance throw and a beautiful wide arched flame.  


To ensure you receive the best possible experience from an Isaac Jacobs candle, every minute aspect of the product is examined and chosen for its performance,  fragrance, green credentials.     Our candles are very much design led to ensure that every element of the candle  delivers and enhances your home.     Live the experience!

Live the experience.  Experience to live!