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Revamping the Candle Workshop

By guest, Apr 5 2016 11:24AM

We decided it was time to give the candle workshop a total overhaul. *Clearly a moment of madness*

We stripped it back to the bare shell and after many weeks of plaster, dust, paint, beautiful new flooring, blinds etc. it is almost ready. The new production units are being installed and the new work surfaces have arrived. The shelving is all fixed on the walls and is looking totally awesome - Thanks Shawn!! It has been many weeks of chaos and if any of you have undergone renovations you will know exactly how challenging it is, but looking at the results now, it has been so worth while. A huge thank you to all the people who have helped put this together, we really appreciated your help, enthusiasm and muscles. We cannot wait to get back to production again and promise to take more photos to share with you soon.

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